Fanny pack

Fanny pack

Are u looking for a fanny pack? With a fanny pack you are sure that your products are safe. You can put your important products in the fanny pack, such as your pasport or your money. You can also put your wallet and smartphone in it. If they are in your pack, they can’t fall out of your pockets. A fannypack keeps the pickpockets away from your valuables.

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Are fanny packs cool?

A fanny pack is cooler then you think.  You can were a fanny pack around your waist or shoulders. There will be a fannypack that you can match with your outfit. They come in handy when you go traveling or go to a festival. The coolest thing about a fanny pack, is that it keeps your products safe. They came back in style in 2017. A pack can make you look modern and cool.

Different fanny packs

We have many different fanny packs. They are all made out of leather. We have them in different styles and colors. Your valuables stay close with you if you use a fannypack. Maybe you are going on a big vacation where you want to go hiking a lot or maybe there is a big and busy festival coming up. You can use them for different occasions.

goedkoop heuptasje fanny pack


We believe in protecting your private valuables. Nowadays we travel more en we visit a lot of different places. It is important that you always bring your debit card, pasport and phone. They help you travel. That’s why it is very important for us to keep your valuables safe.