Safekeepers wallet

There is a Safekeepers wallet for everybody. You always need a safe en nice wallet. You can use your wallet for you most important cards and money. But you can also put your phone, important notes and keys in our wallets. There really is a Safekeepers wallet for everybody!

Safekeepers wallet

We have a lot of different Safekeepers wallet. We have women wallets and men wallets. Everyday you need your wallet, so you have to be sure that you choose the right wallet with the best quality. Our wallets are made from very good and real leather. Because they are made from high quality ,real leather you can use them for a very long time. The wallet stays very nice and you can use it for an very long time!

We have wallets with a lot of different sizes. You can choose a small wallet or a big(normal) wallet  for your important cards. We have what you need. Our wallets are available in many different colors. The main are black, brown and cognac. But some wallets are available in special colors.

You can also combine our Safekeepers wallet with our Victorinox safety chains. If you choose to use the safety chain, your wallet can’t be stolen. And RFID protects your wallet against skimmers. And we have a special Safekeepers extra. In all our wallets there is a Lost & Find code. With this code you can register the code, and if you lose your wallet, we can help you find your wallet back.

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Safekeepers wallet

We believe in protecting your private valuables. Nowadays we travel more en we visit a lot of different places. It is important that you always bring your debit card, pasport and phone. They help you travel. That’s why it is very important for us to keep your valuables safe. We made our products for the best situations. If you use the wallet safely you can’t lose it at busy events. Our wallets, you can combine them with our safety chains.